1. I did not have surgery. Can I still use Curovate?

Yes! Curovate can be used after ACL injury, after ACL surgery with a patellar tendon or a hamstring tendon graft. When you download the app specify the date of your injury or surgery.

2. What are the exercises and checklists in Curovate based on?

All of the exercises and the checklist items are based on evidence informed ACL protocols, published research and 17 years of clinical experience. The references are clearly listed in the app.

3. How does the app track progress?

The app keeps track of all the items you check off in your checklist, the exercise videos that are played and every time you measure your knee movements. The app tabulates all of this and provides you with a compliance rate. This is a percentage of how well you are doing everything you need to do to recover! Use the compliance rate in the app to help motivate you and keep you on track.

4. What does Curovate actually do?

Curovate is a mobile app that guides a patient through 6 months of rehabilitation after an ACL injury or surgery. Curovate provides daily video guided exercises, allows you to measure your knee movements and tracks all of your progress! Curovate is a mobile health company started by a physical therapist and 3 engineers all with a passion to make healthcare accessible.

5. Has Curovate been tested or researched?

Curovate has conducted usability testing and received feedback from patients, physical therapists and orthopaedic surgeons. We are currently conducting a qualitative study on patients who have used the app for their recovery. We are also conducting clinical research to determine the feasibility and outcomes with the use of Curovate following surgery and injury. Much of what you see in the app is the result of detailed feedback we received from patients and health care providers. We always welcome feedback to help us improve our app.