How to use crutches

After surgery or injury you will need to learn how to use crutches.

The most important thing that you need to find out from your health care provider is how much weight you are allowed to put on your surgical or injured leg. This is often called your "weight bearing status."

This will either be:

  1. Non-weight bearing 2 crutches
  2. Toe touch weight bearing 2 crutches
  3. Partial weight bearing 2 crutches
  4. Full weight bearing 1 crutch
  5. Full weight bearing no crutches

If you do not know your weight bearing status contact your health care provider immediately. Follow the links above to see videos of how to walk and use the stairs based on your weight bearing status. There are many more helpful videos in our ACL injury and surgery app available at the Google Play Store!

Nirtal Shah

Nirtal is a Physical Therapist at the University of Toronto with 17 years of experience. Nirtal has a Master and Doctorate of Physical Therapy and a Master of Public Health.

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