More FAQ

Can I use Curovate before or after surgery?

Curovate does not replace the advice given by a healthcare provider. Curovate has been designed by a physical therapist and the exercises are based on injury and surgery protocols that are either evidence based or evidence informed. You should check with your healthcare provider to ensure you are doing the exercises appropriate for you after surgery or injury. If you take all of this into consideration, you can use Curovate as part of your recovery plan.

How can Curovate help me?

Curovate provides your daily exercises with video guidance, progress tracking, daily reminders, and in some cases, the ability to measure your movements. All of this can help to improve your ability to complete your daily exercises. Past users have found that the notifications and exercise videos help them to stay motivated after injury or surgery.

I can’t get 100% adherence in the app, why?

Adherence is your ability to complete your daily exercises and things to do after injury or surgery. In general, adherence levels are as low as 20% after many injuries and surgeries. This results in people not being able to return to activities that they loved and limiting their daily life activities. The intention in developing Curovate is to help people with their adherence to their daily exercises. If you complete all of your daily exercises and check off all of the “things to do” items, you will achieve 100% adherence for that day. There are 3 ways to acknowledge in the app that you did everything you were supposed to do: 1. Watch all of the exercise videos and follow along with the videos to complete your daily exercises; 2. Review each item in the daily list and mark each as complete once you are done; and 3. Mark all as complete once you have done everything you need to do for that session or day. This is how you achieve 100% adherence daily.

Why was Curovate created?

For the past 19 years working as a physical therapist, I have assessed and treated patients after injury and surgery. The biggest problem people face is staying consistent with their daily exercises. There are many reasons for this. I have found that daily guidance and exercise reinforcement helps people to stay on track with their recovery. This is one reason why I helped to create Curovate, an app that has daily exercise videos, progress tracking and notifications to help improve access and adherence to physical therapy after injury and surgery. The second reason is because many patients cannot afford to pay for the amount of physical therapy they need. Curovate is not intended to replace a physical therapist but to augment and enhance the physical therapy you are receiving.

If I have any concerns or issues with the app, who do I contact?

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns.

I have read that Curovate conducts research with app users. I want to participate in research to help others like me. How do I participate?

Please feel free to email and we will let you know what is involved.