Curovate respects your privacy and protects the information that we collect. Curovate sends your progress data to a remote server that is password protected and is only accessible by the Curovate team. The data that we collect and store includes your name, age, sex, the date and type of surgery, your daily exercises, range of motion and compliance rate. The collection of this information will help us improve future versions of the app for you and other users as well as allow us to conduct research on recovery after injury or surgery. Curovate may use this data to market our own products. We do not share this data with other advertisers or marketers. We do not sell or barter your data to third parties. Curovate also utilizes Google Analytics which provides us with the following information about our products: time of use, geographic location of users, stoppage of use, the number of downloads, the screen where users stop using our product, number of repeat users, crashes, frequency of use and the devices that downloaded our product. This information will be used for future development and to fix issues with our products. Google Analytics data is anonymous.