This video blog explains how you can cancel your Curovate subscription and how to delete your account and data.

For a step by step guide, with a screen recording taken directly from the Curovate Physical Therapy App, watch the video below to learn how to cancel your subscription and delete your account and data.

This video explains how you can cancel your Curovate subscription and how you can delete your account and data. 

How do I cancel my Curovate subscription?

Follow the steps below to successfully cancel your Curovate subscription. A common concern we get from people using the Curovate app is that they think Curovate charges them even when they have not opted in for a subscription. Please keep in mind that Curovate does not automatically charge or subscribe anyone. When you download the app, you are using the 5-day free trial. After the trial ends, you will only be charged for a subscription if you opted in for one. This does not happen automatically.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. From the app dashboard at the bottom of the screen, select “Profile.”
  2. At the top right hand corner, you will see if you have a subscription with Curovate. If you have not purchased a subscription with Curovate, the top right corner will say “Trial.” For the next few steps, let's assume that you have purchased a monthly subscription and you want to cancel this subscription:
  3. Select the button in the top right corner where it says “Monthly.” You will be taken to a screen with details regarding your subscription.
  4. Select “Cancel Subscription.” You will then be taken to another subscription cancelling screen.
  5. Select the link on the screen. This will take you to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  6. From the App Store or Play Store, select “cancel subscription” to finalize your cancellation. After this step, there is nothing else that you have to do.

How do I delete my Curovate account?

Follow the steps below to successfully delete your Curovate account. Please note the following key information regarding account deletion:

  • Deleting your account is different from unsubscribing. This means that deleting your Curovate account does not cancel your Curovate subscription. If you want to cancel your subscription you have to follow separate steps. To learn more, read the section above in this blog labeled “How to cancel your Curovate subscription."
  • Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone. Ensure that you do not want to save any of the recovery data in the Curovate app.

Curovate is committed to your data security

Curovate does not share, sell, barter or disclose any of your personal data with any company or organization. Rest assured that the date and type of surgery or injury that you input in the app remains confidential. For more details please read our Privacy Policy.


The Curovate Physical Therapy App provides you with guided exercises, rehabilitation reminders, progress tracking, and can even measure your range of motion all with your phone. To get started, simply download the Curovate App for iOS or Android using one of the links below.

If you need further customized assistance during your surgery or injury recovery check out our Virtual Physical Therapy page to book your 1-on-1 video session with a physical therapist.

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