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One of the most impressive features of the Curovate Physical Therapy App is the evidence-based exercise stages that the app provides you with along your recovery journey. Once you input information regarding your injury or surgery or answer Curovate's exercise questions, Curovate you will be provided with a particular stage within the Curovate app with specific morning, afternoon, and evening exercises to complete. If you complete all of the exercises within the stage, you will achieve the specific exercise goals that define that particular stage. Check out the Curovate App for iOS and Android by selecting one of the download links below!

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How do I move back or forward between the exercise stages?

Among the most common questions people have regarding the Curovate app is how to move back or forward between the exercise stages to figure out where they should be starting their recovery. This blog will focus on how to use Curovate if the stage assigned to you provides you with exercises that are too hard for your recovery.

How long is each exercise stage?

Each stage in the Curovate app is 7 days long, with the exception of stage 1, which only lasts one day. Stage 1 is intended to be the first day after surgery which is why it only lasts one day. The rest of the stages in the Curovate app last 7 days each. Keep in mind, the early stage exercises are purposely made easy because they are designed for people who just had surgery or an injury, so their physical capacity for exercise is limited.

Follow these steps to effectively use Curovate if the exercises in your current stage are too challenging:

  1. Open the Curovate app.
  2. Input your injury or surgery information. For example, if you have had an anterior cruciate ligamnet (ACL) surgery using the hamstring tendon graft, select ACL. Then select the hamstring tendon in the “select the type” drop down option.
  3. Enter the date your surgery took place. For example, if your ACL hamstring tendon surgery took place November 24th, 2023, enter this in the surgeyr date section. Optionally, you can also specify the date your injury took place. For example, if your ACL injury took place February 18th, 2023, enter this into the injury date section. Keep in mind that the injury date will not determine the stage you are started in for the Curovate app. Based on the surgery date Curovate will place you in an exercise stage. Let's assume Curovate starts you in in Stage 10.
  4. From the home screen, select “Play Day 1” of the assigned stage.
  5. Take a look at the goals presented to you within this stage.
  6. Review the exercises provided in the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Based on the stage goals and assigned exercises provided, if you find that the exercises are too hard for what you can do at this time, follow the next steps:
  7. Go back to the Curovate home screen.
  8. Select “past stages”. Select a previous stage. Let's assume you select stage 5.
  9. Once again, review the stage goals in this stage and the exercises within the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.
  10. If this stage corresponds to your current physical abilities, start with the stage 5's day 1 exercises instead of the original stage 10 exercises provided to you.

For a step by step guide, with a screen recording taken directly from the Curovate Physical Therapy App, watch the video below to learn How to use Curovate if the exercises are too hard.

The Curovate App provides you with guided exercises, rehab reminders, progress tracking, and can even measure your range of motion all with your phone. To get started, simply download the Curovate App for iOS or Android using one of the links below.

If you need further customized assistance during your surgery or injury recovery check out our Virtual Physical Therapy page to book your 1-on-1 video session with a physical therapist.

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