After an ACL surgery how long does it take before the swelling goes away? After you wake up from your ACL surgery you may be surprised to see how big your knee and surgical leg look. This can be very scary and you now want to know how long is this swelling going to last after my ACL surgery? First let me assure you that swelling is your body's normal response to the surgical procedure. You may have had a graft taken from your leg to replace the torn ACL and various surgical procedures that were done inside your knee result in swelling. Watch this video to learn how long the swelling will last after an ACL surgery then read some of my tips below to help reduce your swelling.

There are a few simple things that you can do to reduce your knee swelling after an ACL surgery:

  1. Ice the area. Here is a great blog about the benefits of ice.
  2. Use compression along with the ice. Learn how to use compression to reduce your swelling by watching this 1 minute video.
  3. Ankle pumps while you are using ice and compressing for your knee. Read about why ankle pumps are so simple yet so important after ACL surgery.
  4. Initially you should limit how much you stand and walk
  5. Take your prescribed medication
  6. Definitely do all of your prescribed ACL recovery exercises but do not overdo other physcical activity.
  7. Another way to ensure that you are doing everything necessary to reduce your knee swelling is by staying consistent with your ACL rehabilitation by downloading Curovate from the links below. Curovate is a physical therapy app that provides daily video-guided exercises for every day of your recovery and critical advice to manage your swelling. Curovate also tracks your progress and give you the ability to measure your knee range of motion with just your phone.

    If you need further customized assistance after your ACL surgery or ACL injury check out our Virtual Physical Therapy page to book your 1-on-1 video session with a physical therapist.

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