Have you ever suffered injury or gone through surgery and your doctor or physiotherapist has advised you to apply ice to the affected area?

Why do they do that? The two main benefits of ice after injury or surgery are:

  1. Pain Management: The cooling effect of ice acts as a numbing agent that reduces pain in the area and ice basically acts as an alternative to pain-killer medications for many people.
  2. The other benefit is that when you apply ice along with a little bit of pressure you can help reduce swelling and inflammation in that area.

In the video below, watch Dimitri answer the questions "Why should I use ice after my injury or surgery?" and "Why does my physical therapist tell me to use ice?"

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Remember, icing is generally safe but it’s always safest to consult your healthcare professional for advice before icing your recently-operated or injured area. And remember if you have had surgery and are using ice, keep your knee or hip clean and dry while applying ice for pain relief.

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