Why do indigenous communities have the worst access to health care in Canada?

Not only do Indigenous communities have the worst physical access to healthcare, they also do not have culturally safe access.

The system of inequalities that have been fostered since colonialism has created a healthcare system that is poorly accessible to Indigenous communities. Furthermore, systemic racism, discrimination, negative stigma, and low socio-economic status are all deterants that Indigenous people face when trying to access conventional healthcare. The impacts of colonization mean that to this day, 50 percent of indigenous people live in rural and remote communities which makes their health care access that much worse.[4]

Indigenous communities face both the challenges presented due to rural/remote access and the challenges of being Indigenous, such that our healthcare system does not meet their needs. Physical therapists, and all other healthcare personnel, need to better recognize the disparity in access that Indigenous people face and work with them on improving access to healthcare.

Watch Physical Therapist and CEO of Curovate, Nirtal Shah, discuss why Inidigenous communities have the worst health care in Canada in the video below.

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