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Nirtal is a physical therapist with 21 years of clinical experience. Nirtal worked at the University of Toronto's David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic for 16 years. Nirtal is also involved with teaching, research, innovating in digital health technology at the University of Toronto.

Nirtal is the Founder and CEO of Curovate, a health technology company that develops mobile apps for patients following a knee replacement, hip replacement and an anterior cruciate ligament surgery. Nirtal has been innovating in the world of mobile and virtual physical therapy for the past 10 years. Book a virtual or video physical therapy session with Nirtal today!

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Patient Testimonials

Dragana's ACL reconstructive surgery recovery testimonial


Nirtal was a pivotal physiotherapist in helping my daughter recover from her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructive surgery. He is a thorough and dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to help his patients. Thank you, Nirtal!

Nick basketball player achilles tendon rupture recovery testimonial


Nirtal has been my physiotherapist for the past 15 years. As a varsity basketball player in University I spent many hours working with Nirtal! My most recent injury is an achilles tendon rupture and I have been seeing Nirtal exclusively on video. I can honestly say I would not trust anyone else for my physiotherapy!!

Majda's recovery testimonial


Nirtal worked with me on two separate occasions involving rehab for my knee. Not only did he give me useful exercises and pieces of advice, but we also worked on fixing bad habits to prevent further injury. His app, Curovate, helped me stay motivated and allowed me to track my recovery progress.



Will I see results and get better if I don't see a Physical Therapist in-person?

In-person physical therapy is fantastic but there are some great reasons why more people are seeking video or virtual physical therapy. The first is that in recent studies the outcomes (meaning do patients get better) for video physical therapy are the same as in-person physical therapy. A recent study completed with people who had knee and hip replacements found that the outcomes were the same and that the patient satisfaction was higher with video physical therapy. One of the reasons for this was because people liked not having to travel for their appointments and the fact that their physical therapist could see them exercising at home with their own equipment.

FAQ image of person working out

Video physical therapy is more convenient but how can it help me get better?

There is the obvious advantage of saving travel time to see a physical therapist but there is also the fact that your physical therapist can see and assess your home environment for your exercises and posture. Prior to working exclusively in video physical therapy I worked in a clinic and the disadvantage was that I had all of the fancy equipment in the clinic to demonstrate the exercises for my patients. However, most of my patients did not have any of this equipment at home. Now I work with my patients to find home solutions for their exercises and posture to ensure they can complete all of their exercises independently at home.

Second FAQ image of person working out

I've been to physical therapy before and I always forget what they said and how to do my exercises? How is this any different?

Working in a busy in-person physical therapy clinic I often only had enough time to print off 1 sheet of exercises at the end of a physical therapy session. Now I spend extra time detailing each persons diagnosis, (what's wrong) prognosis (how long it will take them to get better) and a very detailed exercise list and video links to make sure that all of my patients understand what's going on and what they need to do to get better. This was not possible when I saw my patients in-person because I was just too busy!

What types of issues can you get help with?

Injury, Surgery and Pain

Whether you have had a recent injury or surgery or just have pain that you can't figure out I am happy to help. The first step is always to figure out the source of your pain and then to address it through activity modification, exercises and specific actionable advice to help reduce your pain. I have had experience working with patients following ACL surgery, knee replacements, hip replacements, and various sport and physical activity related injuries for the past 21 years. I have also improved my ability to figure out "mystery pain" that people struggle with but can't identify the cause.

Learning How to Safely Exercise

There are so many online sources for exercise and fitness and I think this is great! In fact I use online workouts to stay physically active. For many people because of past injuries or because of how they do some exercises this results in pain and discomfort. I can help you structure your workouts in a safe and effective way so that you are less likely to cause pain and injury and that you are being as effective as possible at achieving your physical activity or sport related goals. If you need a customized weekly workout contact me and we will design a plan together that works for you.

Home Office Assessments

Many people have had to switch to remote work in the past 2 years. This has resulted in back pain, neck pain, and hip pain that was not present when they worked in their office. The change in our daily life and physical activity has caused many physical issues. Through video physical therapy I can assess your home work environment and find ways to improve your existing set up and sneak in some healthy physical activity. You won't have to spend thousands of dollars on a new chair! We will find practical and feasible solutions together to improve your home work environment.


30-minute video PT session - $60

Book your first virtual or video physiotherapy session with Nirtal Shah for 30 minutes. During this time you will have the opportunity to discuss your injury or surgery causing your pain and limitations. Nirtal will provide you with a clinical diagnosis and prescribe you exercises to help your recovery.

60-minute video PT session - $100

Some injuries and surgeries are more complicated and require at least one session for 60 minutes. This will allow you to discuss your injury or surgery, your goals for recovery and be prescribed the appropriate exercises by Nirtal Shah - a licensed physiotherapist.