Medical Disclaimer

Curovate does not replace the advice or treatment provided by a healthcare provider. We are providing a protocol for recovery following an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury or reconstruction from either the hamstring tendon or the patellar tendon. There are other areas where the graft can be taken from and our protocol does not currently account for that. If you have had multiple ligament injuries, a meniscus repair, microfracture, donor graft, infection following surgery, or any other exception to the standard ACL reconstruction, consult a healthcare provider before using this app. This protocol is based on published ACL protocols as well as 18 years of clinical experience of a physical therapist who works with patients after this injury and surgery. Scholarly references are clearly listed in our app settings under the heading "References." The lead physical therapist reviews research in the field of ACL injury and surgery every 3 months and updates the information and exercises in the app when necessary. Perform only those exercises that you feel you can do without falling or hurting yourself. If you are under the care of a healthcare provider, perform only those exercises approved by your healthcare provider. Your use of the app is strictly voluntary. Use Curovate with care and within your current abilities to avoid the risk of injury. Curovate is not liable if you injure yourself using our product. You are voluntarily accepting all risks and liabilities by using Curovate. Curovate is a health technology company that conducts research. If you choose to participate in our research studies, please email us directly at with the subject heading “Research Participant.” Curovate has undergone usability and feasibility testing by 20 users and we scored in the 85th percentile for the System Usability Scale (SUS). The SUS is a valid and reliable user interface test. Also, 95% of users who were asked, stated that they preferred our app to the paper-based instructions typically provided following surgery. We are currently in the process of conducting a qualitative study interviewing patients after they have used our app for their rehabilitation. We are trying to determine the barriers to rehabilitation after ACL surgery and how Curovate can help to address these barriers.