How To Access The Curovate App

How To Access Daily Exercises

Did you know there are two ways to access your daily exercises in Curovate! Watch the tutorial to find out how!


How to Measure Your Knee Range of Motion

In this tutorial, we are telling you how you may measure your knee range of motion using Curovate!

How to sign up for our Curovate app

A simple video to show you how you can sign up for our ACL, knee replacement, hip replacement app on iOS or Android devices.

How to use crutches

How to use crutches walking and on stairs. Non-weight bearing, partial weight bearing, toe-touch weight bearing, 2 crutches and 1 crutch.


Straight Leg Raise following ACL Surgery

Perform this exercise 10 reps 3 sets for 3 times a day.

How to Reduce swelling

To reduce knee swelling use ice, compress with an elastic bandage, elevate the knee above your head and do 50 ankle pumps every 5 minutes. Do this for 20 minutes.